Dalton Coppola

Hailing from the Jersey Shore, Dalton Coppola is a second-year Political Science major at the University of Pittsburgh. He serves as the Assistant Sports Editor and football beat writer for The Pitt News.

After transferring and changing positions, John Petrishen sets out to prove himself right

Seventh-year John Petrishen left Pittsburgh to pursue a career as safety at Penn State. But Petrishen, pictured on the left, came home to Pitt, this time as a linebacker. Redshirt senior linebacker John Petrishen flew past the UMass offensive line untouched, with his eyes set on the quarterback. Like a heat-seeking missile, Petrishen lowered his shoulder into the quarterback’s back and drove him into the turf. The seventh-year stood up and let out a triumphant scream, and held up his hands in t

Pitt dominates UMass 51-7, led by strong defensive front seven

Pitt head football coach Pat Narduzzi assured the media earlier this week that Saturday’s offensive playcalling would not be “vanilla,” but more in the vein of “butter pecan.” While reporters weren’t necessarily sure what Narduzzi meant by this on Monday, it became much clearer what he meant on Saturday — explosive. Pitt’s offense gashed the Minutemen for nearly 600 yards. The offense was didactic and methodical, poking holes in the Minutemen pass coverage and winning the battle in the trenches

‘How’s everybody doing?’: Tre Tipton works to end mental health stigma for athletes

Tre Tipton’s battles extend well beyond the football field — the seventh-year Panthers wide receiver wrestled with anxiety and depression for nearly his whole life. Redshirt senior wide receiver Tre Tipton, gleaming with sweat, sauntered toward reporters assembled on the outskirts of Pitt’s practice field. The seventh-year wide receiver started his Q&A differently than most other players — he was the one asking a question when he got to the microphone. He looked around at the assembled media,

Pitt closer Jordan McCrum returns with consistency from Tommy John surgery

Jordan McCrum is a senior relief pitcher for Pitt baseball. McCrum transferred to Pitt from Monmouth University last year after undergoing Tommy John surgery, which entails reconstructing the ulnar collateral ligament within the elbow by replacing it with a ligament from elsewhere in the body. Pitt senior relief pitcher Jordan McCrum leaned in, picked up his sign from the catcher and came to a set. He reared back and delivered a fastball on the upper outside corner of the strike zone. The umpi

Roommates Felix Wolter, Greg Lauray set high expectations ahead of NCAA Championships

Felix Wolter (top) and Greg Lauray will compete in the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championship in Fayetteville, Arkansas, this weekend. Wolter, a fifth-year, will compete in the heptathlon and Lauray, a senior, will compete in the high jump. When the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships occur this week, two roommates will represent the Panthers on the national stage. Pitt will send two athletes to Fayetteville, Ark. to compete in the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championship meet, startin

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